PoGo NestMap is a mapping of specific nests' spawn locations and times! This is NOT a live map! Please read the instructions once on the map page.
To help with user load times, data is split into 3 based on longitude as follows:

***The map is in a VERY EARLY version.***

NOTICE!!! Due to Niantic's move disabling all scanner systems, we are unable to update until new data sources become available...

Location: Longitude: Areas:
Americas -155 to -15 longitude Southern CA
Merced, CA
Morgan Lake, CA
Americas - OLD Previous migration! Archive data
Europe -25 to 105 longitude Glasgow, Scotland
Plymouth, UK
Lyons, France
Europe - OLD Previous migration! Archive data
Aus/Asia 95 to -145 longitude NOT ACTIVE!

To add nests in your area, please set your PGM config.ini webhook to:

webhook: http://manijuanas.ddns.net:5555/Viz/webhookreceiver.php
wh-threads: 100

We also accept any .sql or .db dumps! Please submit them to: data@manijuanas.com